I visited a Warhammer shop with a friend, in Fargo, ND sometime last year, purely out of curiosity. I was amazed to learn that such a shop could sustain itself based on a single hobby. Other hobby shops I visited catered to so many different hobbies. How could just one shop survive catering to one specific hobby/gaming culture?

Little did I know how vast and complicated a history and world existed in the Warhammer Universe.

Warhammer 40K is a tabletop game, where you build the world and the miniature figures that you play with. The heart of the Warhammer 40,000 hobby is collecting stunning and dynamic Citadel miniatures.

Being someone who had built model sets in the past, the details and intricacies of the Warhammer world were very tempting. For my 35th Birthday, my friend I visited the store with, gifted me my first Warhammer set.

It was Warhammer 40,000, First Strike with Warhammer Citadel Essential paint and tool kit. It included instructions on how to assemble the miniatures, how to paint them, how to play the game, as well as the folklore behind the game and the universe behind Warhammer 40K.

Just like most hobbies, you could dive in deep and embrace the full hobby and culture of Warhammer 40K. As a newcomer, these two kits were perfect for me, and I am still continuing to build and paint the models.

I have completed the Space Marine Intercessors and Space Marine Reivers. I have started working on a few Death Guard Plague Marines.

I will keep this page updated as I complete more of them.

The Death Guard are Chaos Space Marines with the dubious blessings of Nurgle, impervious to pain and carrying every deadly and disgusting disease imaginable

One very helpful source on how to was the you tube Video by Sonic Sledgehammer Studio

Finally finished al the pox walkers and touched up the Intercessors, Reivers, and Plague Marines. Now will review and read game play on the three missions available for the First Strike Mission.